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Bonus #1: WP Video Ace Plugin (BASIC + PRO Version + RESELLER Rights)

Now You Too Can Boost Your Conversions By 300% With The Most Engagement Forcing Video Player Available For Wordpress..... Quickly Create Completely Customised Video Players With Engagement Triggers And Easily Embed Them Anywhere On Your Sites In Just Minutes

  Bonus #2: Reseller Rights For   WP Social Traffic

What Is WP Social Traffic?

What if you could just log into your wordpress site, press just ONE BUTTON and 100s & 1000s of visitors would start visiting your site AUTOMATICALLY.

Yes - 100% REAL People - that's what WP Social Traffic does:

  • It connects with niche communities and fanpages on facebook and shares your content with them automatically & engages with them to DRIVE them back to your site.
  • This is a software that everyone with a website needs.
  • You'll never have to pay for traffic ever again.
  • Works in ANY Niche you want.
  • 100% NEWBIE Friendly - Push Button software.
  • Getting more traffic is now just ONE Click away!
How Does WP Social Traffic Work?

=>WP Social Traffic WalkThrough Video<=

100% Newbie Friendly Super Simple! Using WP Social Traffic is as EASY as 1-2-3:

It takes less than 2 minutes to get started, once you download WP Social Traffic, all you have to do is:

Step #1: 

  • Pick a Post/Page That You Want to Get Traffic for.

Step #2: 

  • Add Some Good Text, Headline, Description & Photo or Image for the Facebook post.

Step #3: 

  • Push the Big Green - GET TRAFFIC BUTTON & You are DONE - It is that Simple.

12 Reasons Why WP Social Traffic is a MUST HAVE Solution for Everyone with a Website:

[+] Get 100% REAL Visitors From Facebook to Your Wordpress Site:

  • Yes with this software, you will get content from top authority sources. Text content from Ezine Articles, Videos from Youtube, Images from Flickr and you can fetch content from literally any blog in the world using RSS. Over 1000 sources can be used.

[+] Promote Unlimited Posts or Pages & Get Traffic to them:

  • Every site needs Fresh content to rank higher because Google loves fresh content. How about getting all that fresh content on 100% autopilot? Yes. that's what WP Content Machine does for you and does it every single day.

[+] A TRUE Push-Button Solution for your Traffic needs that just works:

  • Whether you want content on one topic or multiple topics and keywords, you can setup multiple campaigns to run in parallel and post content to your blogs on complete autopilot. This software allows you to create up to 25 campaigns per site.

[+] Get FREE Traffic That You Will Never Have to Pay For:

  • You can publish literally any kind of content, whether you want text articles, images or videos from Youtube, you can select any source of content you want that Content Machine has & create an autoposting campaign in seconds.

[+] 100% AUTOPILOT Solution, Push the Button & it is Done:

  • RSS feeds are amazing when it comes to being able to fetch content from WP blogs, even the top news sites are powered by RSS feeds and with Content Machine you can use any blog or top authority site in the world as a source of fresh content.

[+] Get Traffic for ANY NICHE You Want - Just Pick Your Keywords, Select Your Pages & Set them Active:

  • Niche Sites can be very profitable to run when you do it right. That is why with this software you can fetch niche content based on any keyword you want from the most popular sites on the planet, any niche you want, just pick and go.

Promote UNLIMITED Posts & Pages in 1-CLICK to Drive FREE TRAFFIC for all your Wordpress Blogs & Sites...

[+] Feature Headline Here:

  • Want your content to rank higher and not look like Duplicate content from other sites? YES, we know that is important and that is exactly why we built the Automatic Content Spinner inside WP Content Machine so your content is automatically SPUN before posting making it rank higher in Google.

[+] Completely Set & Forget Software:

  • Its rare to find automation of this kind. You literally will never have to login to your site to manage it once you setup it up with your campaigns, the software will keep running on 100% autopilot until you manually stop it (or the campaign ends)

[+] Turn Facebook into Cash - Drive Traffic for FREE without any ad-costs: 

  • The built-in advertising module lets you run any kind of ads that you want to add BEFORE or AFTER the content that is being posted from the software this is very powerful and helps you make money from literally any kind of advertising system you want. Amazon, Adsense, CPA ads you name it.

[+] Turn Free Traffic into PROFIT - You Can monetize your traffic any way you want:

  • Here's a SMART way to profit and earn commissions from your AUTOBLOG, Content Machine lets you turn specific keywords into affiliate links to promote products. You can do for this for up to 10 keywords in each of your campaigns. 
  • This is amazing because you will start generating sales & commissions from new content on complete autopilot without adding links manually ever.

[+] Fully SEO Ready, Rank Your Site Easily: 

  • SEO is important for traffic and that is why we made sure the site you create and the articles posted are 100% SEO Friendly making it easier for you to rank your site and get organic free traffic on complete autopilot from the top search engines.

[+] Detailed Reports & Logs for Campaigns:

  • Whatever the software does is completely transparent, you can see a complete LOG of all the campaign actions and posts being made to your site with the software by clicking one button.

  Bonus #3: Reseller Rights For   WP Tweet Machine 2.0

Get Unlimited Email Leads From Twitter & Grow Your Twitter Followers 200% Faster - on Complete AUTOPILOT... (setup & ready to go in 2 minutes)...

What Is WP Tweet Machine 2.0?


That's exactly what this plugin does:

  • It will automatically find twitter accounts in your niche - people with high number of followers and high engagement.
  • It will then start automatically engaging with those people on twitter by sharing, re-tweeting, tagging and engaging with their content - even following them to generate reciprocation.
  • This will bring the MOST ENGAGING and active users on Twitter in your niche to engage with you and start following you back.
  • This has WORKED and gets you the MOST TARGETED FOLLOWERS you'll ever get from Twitter in your niche.
  • So, this plugin will do all the necessary Social things you need to do manually... but on COMPLETE AUTOPILOT.

How Does WP Tweet Machine 2.0 Work?

=>WP Tweet Machine 2.0 Demo Video<=

After you install and activate it like a normal wordpress plugin, you can get it going in just 4 simple steps:

[+] Step#1: Add a Campaign

  • Simply create your campaign with your Twitter Account and add 2-3 keywords or hashtags relevant to your niche.

[+] Step#2: Setup Auto Posting + Content Curation

  • The software also curates content and keeps your twitter account active by posting content from Youtube, Instagram and literally any website you want. Having great content for new followers will make you look like an authority in your niche and increase your following even more.

[+] Step#3: Add Your Twitter Cards to Get Email Leads from Twitter

  • You just have to click this ON/OFF button and turn ON your campaign - BOOM, that's it, WP Tweet Machine 2.0 will do its job on complete autopilot while you relax or focus on other important stuff to do.

[+] Step#4: That's it. Now ACTIVATE your campaign & it's done!

  • You just have to click this ON/OFF button and turn ON your campaign - BOOM, that's it, WP Tweet Machine 2.0 will do its job on complete autopilot while you relax or focus on other important stuff to do.

WP Tweet MACHINE Automatically goes to work and starts getting you REAL Targeted Twitter Followers on 100% Autopilot..

What's really happening behind the scenes:

What this software is doing is basically finding people in your niche and engaging with them, retweeting their content, marking it as favorite and a few other natural activities that users do on twitter. This is done extremely randomly and at a low enough frequency that it appears like a real human being

The POWER PACKED Features INSIDE WP Tweet Machine 2.0 That Make it SO POWERFUL (and add rocket boosters to your Twitter Account):

[+] 100% REAL Followers - Now 200% Faster:

  • Never before has there been a software that gets you 100% Real Twitter Followers so fast and that too on complete autopilot. A true set and forget solution to growing your twitter account without any manual work. Very unique solution!

[+] Get 1000s of REAL Email Leads Directly From Twitter:

  • Getting email leads from Twitter directly is very unique and there are no tools out there that can do for at zero cost for you. But now you can build a huge list of targeted people in ANY NICHE very fast. Thanks to this brand new feature added to TweetMachine 2.0.

[+] Automatic Video Curation & Posting:

  • People on twitter love good content and that's exactly why we built into this the ability to automatically curate content from various Image sources to post super relevant images to your twitter account based on the keywords and hashtags you select. Again this is done on complete AUTOPILOT.

[+] Add & Tweet Content from ANY Website with RSS Feed:

  • We've added a very cool RSS based content posting system that can curate content from any RSS feed you add and tweet content and links to those posts and generate amazing high quality content from any source around the web. Once again, 100% Autopilot system.

[+] Add UNLIMITED Content Sources:

  • Like other software products that let you get content from just a few sources, WP Tweet Machine lets you post content to your account from an unlimited number of video, image and content sources. Mix and match the kind of content you like - 100% in your control..

[+] Autopilot INCOME : Custom Promotion & Engagement Messages:

  • What's the point of all this if you cannot make money from your followers. That's why we built the custom promotions and engagement section into this software that lets you add completely spinnable content in spintax format and post offers, affiliate promos and almost any kind of monetization system you want by way of regular tweets to your followers.

[+] Strong TARGETING : Find and Follow Specific Type of People:

  • Tweet Machine 2.0 will only follow and build followers that are targeted to your niche based on keywords and tags. Being able to have a targeted audience is the BEST kind of audience you can have. These targeted users take action on every offer or promotion you send out and they are REAL LEADS that you can generate a good income from on complete autopilot.

[+] Completely HANDS FREE Solution - Takes 2 minutes to Setup:

  • If you ever wanted a solution that works without any manual effort, completely hands free and is super easy to setup, this is exactly what you need. You'll get high quality, targeted followers on complete autopilot.
  • All these and MANY more features are built into WP Tweet Machine make it the most effective & easiest to use software you could get.

Bonus #4: Whitelabel Rights To Sales Video Assets

Monster Marketing Suite Of 300+ Video Assets!

If you are launching a product or you want to give something to build your list, convincing your website visitors to buy the product you offer or give them their email address is sometimes is a hard challenge for online marketers.

That's why using a video to connect to your visitors became a popular media to convince and entairtain your traffic so they will not get bored on the things that you want to offer to them.

The good news is that, inside this product package is a huge bundle of 300+ videos, eBooks as lead magnets and graphics that you can use for your marketing strategy.

Checkout the media below:

  • Marketing Colored Videos
  • Story Telling Videos
  • Call to Action Videos
  • Story Infographics
  • High Quality Articles/eBooks
  • Vector Image Assets
  • Whiteboard GIFs
  • Video Transitions
  • Business Building Tools

Bonus #5: Whitelabel Rights To Keyword Research Ninja 2.0

Escalate and Filter these Profitable Keyword Terms on the Internet Using Keyword Research Ninja Software!

Not all keywords are created equal. There are some high search volume keywords that are not profitable and there are some few that you can make a lot of money from it.

The challenge now is that, how are you going to find these money keywords into your arsenal and use it to the fullest of your online business model.

Fortunately, inside this product is the amazing tool that you may have been looking for the longest time in your niche marketing business.

In case you haven't noticed, SEO Related Desktop Software is some of the best selling software on the Internet.

Unlike most keyword tools which just rely on Google, this one actually provides you with awesome keyword data from SIX sources: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ebay, YouTube, and Amazon!

Bonus #6: Whitelabel Rights To WP Engage Plus Plugin

Create Engaging Polls And To Survey Your Visitors Which Will Allow You To Clearly Understand What Their Opinion Of Your Site Is!

More often than not, most marketers spend TONS of time on optimizing their website, adding new products and services, adding new content, driving traffic... and probably a myriad of other tasks.

In fact, with just a few clicks of your mouse, you will be already on your way to transforming your blog into a cash-producing 'machine'!

WP Engage + is a fantastic and useful WP plugin that will only take you seconds to install and use; and it will enable you to create engaging polls and surveys. So That You Can Start Increasing Commissions, Subscribers, And Your Profits!

Below are just some of the few features and benefits that you can get from this amazing tool:

  • VERY easy to install and to use
  • Easily redirect your visitors after each poll to any page you want
  • 7 jaw-dropping and professional designs that you can choose from. 
  • Cool and engaging widget effects
  • Possibility of setting up restrictions
  • In depth and precise results and statistics
  • Complete and FULL customization, so that you can have more choices to increase your profits
  • Add audio background into your poll/surveys
  • Each survey or poll can be embedded on sidebars, in posts, and even on pages
  • You can create an unlimited number of polls or surveys
  • And much, much more!

Fast Action Exclusive Bonuses

Bonus #1: SVG Galaxy

Bonus #2: SVG Galaxy Extended

Bonus #3: Whiteboard Marketing Box Vol.1

Bonus #4: Giant Whiteboard Kit V2 Platinum

Bonus #5: Whiteboard SVG Graphics Bundle

Bonus #7: Big Bundle Of Mascot Cartoon Characters

Bonus #8: Weight Loss Whiteboard

Bonus #9: Masoct Creator Bundle

Bonus #10: Social Media Income - YouTube

Bonus #11: 60 Photoshop Action Scripts

Bonus #12: Video Marketing Revolution

Bonus #13: Sales Motivator Pro

Bonus #14: Cultural Stock Images

Bonus #15: People Stock Images

Bonus #16: Food And Drinks Stock Images

Bonus #17: Salespage Writer Software

Bonus #18: Mountains & Forsts Stock Images

Bonuses From John Zakaria

Bonus #1: Video ADS Genie

Bonus #2: Ten Whiteboard Videos

Bonus #3: Video Sales Letter Genius

Bonus #4: Video Profits Unleashed

Bonus #5: Setup A Video Sales Funnel

Bonus #7: Simple Video Cash

Bonus #8: Tube Traffic Mastery

Bonus #9: Periscope Marketing Mastery

Bonus #10: Periscope Marketing Mastery - Advanced Edition

Bonus #11: Video Creation Guru

Bonus #12: YouTube In Stream Ads

Bonus #13: Youtube Marketing V2 Made Easy

Bonus #14: Abstract Image Collection V3

Bonus #15: Giant Whiteboard Kit V2

Bonus #16: Ultimate Stock Photos Package V3

Bonus #17: Power Animate V1

Bonus #18: Power Animate V2

Bonus #19: Entrepreneur Vector Graphics

Bonus #20: Entreprener Vector Graphics PLUS

Bonus #21: The Vector Blowout

Bonus #22: Video Marketing Blueprint

Bonus #23: Video Marketing Blueprint - Video Upgrade

Bonus #24: Video Marketing Hack

Bonus #25: Youtube Ads Excellence

Bonus #26: Youtube Ads Excellence - Advanced Edition

Bonus #27: New Resolution Whiteboard Videos V1

Bonus #28: New Resolution Whiteboard Videos V2

Bonus #29: New Resolution Whiteboard Videos V3

Bonus #30: 101 Whiteboard Videos In The Healthy Eating Niche - Part 1

Bonus #31: 101 Whiteboard Videos In The Healthy Eating Niche - Part 2

Bonus #32: Freshsentation V2

Bonus #33: Video Marketing Master

Bonus #34: Video Creation Mastery

Bonus #35: 10 New Longer Pro Music Tracks v3

Bonus #36: Video Promotion Made Easy

Bonus #37: Weight Loss Whiteboard Videos

Bonus #38: Video Rank Alliance

Bonus #39: 2 Cents Tube Clicks

Bonus #40: 2 Cents Tube Clicks - Advanced Edition

Bonus #41: Video Gold

Bonus #42: Web Video Production

Bonus #43: Video Patrol

Bonus #44: Video Product Supremacy

Bonus #45: Tube Rank Rocket

Bonus #46: Marketing Graphics Toolkit V2

Bonus #47: Marketing Graphics Toolkit V3

Bonus #48: Marketing Graphics Toolkit V4

Bonus #49: Video Auto Profits Part 1,2

Bonus #50: New Professional Music Tracks Part 1

Bonus #51: New Professional Music Tracks Part 2

Bonus #52: Youtube 101

Bonus #53: Creating Split Screen Videos

Bonus #54: Tube Inferno

Bonus #55: Video Marketing Mastery

Bonus #56: Video Marketing Excellence

Bonus #57: Professional Music Tracks 2015

Bonus #58: WP Tube Maximizer

Bonus #59: Viral Video Box

Bonus #60: New 120 Pro Music Tracks

Bonus #61: WP Mass Tube

Bonus #62: Facebook Live Authority

Bonus #63: Facebook Live Authority -Advanced Edition

Bonus #64: Facebook Live

Bonus #65: Facebook Fan Page Tips

Bonus #66: FaceBook Monetization Strategies

Bonus #67: Social Media Income - Facebook

Bonus #68: Master YouTube Video Editor

Bonus #69: Web Conversion Videos

Bonus #70: Conversion Booster Pro

Bonus #71: Create Video Squeeze Pages

Bonus #72: Facebook Mastery

Bonus #73: Facebook Marketing Launchpad - Advanced Edition

Bonus #74: FB Ads Blueprint

Bonus #75: Lead Book WP Plugin

Bonus #76: Get Liked and Create Engagement on Facebook

Bonus #77: FB Authority Secrets

Bonus #78: Tips For Marketing Your Business On Facebook

Bonus #79: Graphics Mystic Toolkit V2

Bonus #80: Relaxing Music Collection

Bonus #81: Royalty Free Audio V1

Bonus #82: 53 Music Loops

Bonus #83: Digital Graphics Firesale

Bonus #84: Instant Graphic Toolkits

Bonus #85: Sales Video Formula 2.0

Bonus #86: Nature, Various & Urban Stock Images

Bonus #87: How to Use Your Blog to Generate Leads

Bonus #88: Videos For Profit

Bonus #89: Timelapse 4K UHD Stock Videos

Bonus #90: Editors Choice 4K UHD Stock Videos

Bonus #91: Sun 4K UHD Stock Videos

Bonus #92: Instant Diet Mascot Maker

Bonus #93: New Year Mascot Maker

Bonus #94: Instant Woman Mascot Maker

Bonus #95: New Year Mascot Maker II

Bonus #96: Space 4K UHD Stock Videos

Bonus #97: Sports 4K UHD Stock Videos

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