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Bonus #1: Business Finder App - $997

Find Businesses Along With Their Phone Number, Email And Website In A Single Click..

Finding businesses and the right point of contact is the hardest challenge when it comes to landing high paying clients. Our team has worked out a solution to this critical problem.

We’ve created an entirely new app that can find businesses along with their phone number, email, and website in a single click. You can also keep track of all the businesses that you’ve contacted and see how you are doing selling to these businesses.

 This powerful tool can find businesses in any niche and in any country or city, you can imagine. You’ll get full access to all the features of this app as part of your MugJam Agency Purchase.

Not only are you going to create amazing videos and deliver them easily, but you can now also find businesses and contact them to sell these videos. You won’t need any additional tools to start or expand your video business with this bonus

Bonus #2: Agency Website - $297

With MugJam, you will create epic videos. And great videos deserve a great home. We’ve designed a unique website that can instantly make your videos stand out.

This high converting agency website can help you generate leads and sales like no other page.

We’ve already tested this page against many others and those don’t even come close to this one.

So give yourself an unfair advantage by using this special agency website to help boost your conversions and sales.

Bonus #3: 100% Training Webinar - $297

This is going to be a NO PITCH purely training webinar.

We’ve designed this webinar to be highly valuable. In this one-of-a-kind webinar, we are going to show you the current state of the matters with MugJam and our future plans.

Most importantly, we are going to showcase how some MugJam users are leveraging our technology for massive profits.

 We’ll also cover how MugJam can be leveraged in various niches and how you can be an expert in your niche as long as you follow the simple steps we show you on this webinar.

This webinar is going to be jam-packed with value and knowledge that you can apply in your business for years to come.

Bonus #4: Local Business Closing Email Swipes - $297

Use these email swipes to seal the deal.

Every business needs a compelling call to actions and we’ve put together a set of some high converting email swipes written by professional copywriters to help you close the deals quickly.

In total, you will receive 20 high converting Email Swipes.

Bonus #5: 80 eBooks From Various Niches To Become An Expert In Your Niche - $297

Becoming an expert in your niche requires lots of knowledge.

These easy to read and follow sets of eBooks are curated for you to become the best of the best in your niche.

And guess what, you get FULL RESELL LICENSE with these.

So you can even sell these ebooks or offer them to your customers as a bonus.

Bonus #6: Facebook and Youtube Ads Template - $197


To run successful and profitable youtube and facebook ads, a lot of things need to be right.

With the help of our team of expert copywriters and ad managers, we’ve curated the best of the best facebook ads and youtube ads templates for you. 

These are done-for-you templates that are proven to convert and you can get started with them right out of the box.

Bonus #7: Professional Voiceovers To Close Deals - $297

10 Voice Overs by the #1 Spokesperson in Internet Marketing, Todd Gross.

Use them with your videos to increase your closing rates.

Bonus #8: 100 Royalty-Free Music Tracks - $297

Use these Royalty-Free Music Tracks to enhance your videos with the right sounds to set the mood for offering your products.

Special Bonuses Until The Cart Closes

Bonus #1: Floating Video Player For Your Website (Works With Youtube  and Vimeo)

Generate A Unique Embed Code That You Can Paste On Any Web Page

Ever seen Facebook’s picture in picture videos? The moment you scroll down, the videos on Facebook will stick out and follow you. That’s the idea we wanted to apply to our webpages too.

And that’s how our team created this app from scratch that will give your videos the power of sticking out and following the viewers as they scroll through your pages.

This app works with Youtube as well as Vimeo videos.

Bonus #2: 1M+ Stock Videos, Photo + Vectors With Commercial Rights

This Is Your One-Stop Destination For All Your Stock Footage Needs

There are never too many professional images or videos that we can use on our projects.

With this online app, you can search and download the highest resolution videos, photos, and images in every category imaginable.

This is your one-stop destination for all your stock footage needs. And you get full commercial rights so you can use these in any of your projects.

Bonus #3: Video AutoPlayer For Any Website (Works With Youtube and Vimeo)

Generate A Unique Embed Code That You Can Paste On Any WEB Page.

After Google’s ban on auto-playing videos with sound, it has become extremely hard to keep your visitors engaged.

With that in mind, our team has custom created a unique solution for auto-playing videos. With this app, you can enter your YouTube or Vimeo video URL and size for the video.

Once done, the app will generate a unique embed code that you can paste on any web page. That’s how easy it is to add auto-playing videos on your website.

Bonus #4: Image Editor with Commercial Rights

The Last Image Editor You’ll Ever Need

Ever wondered why it is so hard to edit photos? A basic edit can take several minutes and if you do not have experience with tools like Photoshop, prepare to get frustrated because even the basic edits can take forever.

We’ve created this custom tool to solve this problem. It is extremely easy to use and we won’t take your photos hostage.

In fact, we don’t even store your photos on our server. So this app is not only easy to use but also highly secure. You can do simple stuff like cropping or adding a filter or you can do advanced stuff like layers and grading.

This all in one image editor is the last image editor you’ll ever need. And you get a COMMERCIAL LICENSE, too.

Exclusive WhiteLabel & Reseller Rights Bonuses

Bonus #1: Reseller Rights To Internet Marketing Music In a Box Volume 1

Instantly Add That "Professional Studio" Feel To Your Teleseminars, Audio Books, Website Audio and Any Other Audio Project With These Hollywood Style Music Tracks... Add A Whole New Level Of Professionalism To Your Products!

Professional Music Will Increase The Value Of Your Products And Establish You As A True Professional! This is a collection of 101 Royalty-Free Music Clips Premium Audio Tracks To Give Your Audio Projects That Professional Hollywood Feel!

Bonus #2: Reseller Rights To Internet Marketing Music In a Box Volume 2

How Would You Like To Add Professional Flair To Your Audio and Video Recordings, Without Shelling Our Hundreds Of Dollars On A Professional Sound Engineer Or Musician To Make It Happen?

Look Like A Pro WITHOUT The Pro Price! Introducing Internet Marketing Music Volume 2 Now With 252 Royalty-Free Music Clips! Pro Background Audio For All Of Your Multi-Media Projects!

Bonus #3: Reseller Rights To Music HD 1080 Stock Videos V2

This is a collection of 21 1080p HD music-related stock videos ideal for your video creations.

Having compelling videos for either your sales video, YouTube videos or whatever it might be can boost conversions, subscribers and also sales. Get these videos for your next project.

Bonus #4: Reseller Rights To Fashion Beauty 1080 HD Stock Videos V2

This is a collection of 16 1080p HD fashion-related stock videos ideal for your video creations.

Bonus #5: Reseller Rights To Factory Work 1080 HD Stock Videos V2

This is a collection of 38 1080p HD factory-related stock videos ideal for your video creations.

Bonus #6: Reseller Rights To Sports 1080 HD Stock Videos V2

This is a collection of 49 1080p HD sports-related stock videos ideal for your video creations.

Bonus #7: Reseller Rights To People 1080 HD Stock Videos V2

This is a collection of 30 1080p HD people-related stock videos ideal for your video creations.

Bonus #8: Emotions 1080 HD Stock Videos V2

This is a collection of 21 1080p HD emotions-related stock videos ideal for your video creations.

Bonus #9: Nature 1080 HD Stock Videos V2

This is a collection of 36 1080p HD nature-related stock videos ideal for your video creations.

Bonus #10: Destinations 1080 HD Stock Videos V2

This is a collection of 18 1080p HD destinations-related stock videos ideal for your video creations.

Bonus #11: Fire 1080 HD Stock Videos V2

This is a collection of 42 1080p HD fire-related stock videos ideal for your video creations.

Bonus #12: 121 Royalty Free Music Tracks

Within this collection, you'll get over 120 different music tracks that can be used for your next project. Use them for your very own project or use them for your clients next project, either way, they can be used for many things.

Bonus #13: 50 Music Track Pack

You're going to be getting access to 50 music tracks that can be used for whatever you're needing them for.

Bonus #14: Backgrounds 1080 HD Stock Videos V2

This is a collection of 56 1080p HD background stock videos ideal for your video creations.

Bonus #15: Nature 1080 HD Stock Videos V2.1

This is a collection of 43 1080p HD nature-related stock videos ideal for your video creations.

Bonus #16: Food 4K Stock Videos

Here is the bundle of hand-picked, 4K HD Quality, Food Niche videos....

Bonus #17: Traffic Strategies For Your YouTube Channel

Whether you have a YouTube channel or you're wanting to start one, learning how to drive traffic to it is not so easy. What you needing is a method that has been proven to work.

In this 7-part video series, you're going to learn how to drive traffic to your YouTube channel with proven methods that work.

Bonuses From John Zakaria

Bonus #1: The YouTube Affiliate

If you're wanting to earn money becoming an affiliate marketer, then using Youtube is one of the best ways to do this.

There are literally millions of people on YouTube every second of the day. So, tapping into this platform is something you shouldn't miss out on.

This is a 9-part video course that will teach you all the ropes on how to be successful in becoming a YouTube affiliate marketer.

Bonus #2: One Million YouTube Subscribers

The most important thing to consider besides creating the content is to build up subscribers.

You could have the best content on YouTube but if you're not getting enough subscribers or views, then your channel with fail before it even begins.

Within this 6-part video tutorial all about how to build subscribers on YouTube, it goes through the basics on how to build your subscriber base up to 1 million subs. A must-have for any YouTuber or anyone selling content such as this.

Bonus #3: YouTube Case Studies

This series of 7 video training lessons that features case studies of 5 successful YouTubers. Although they differ in style, niche, and how they approach their business, you'll find that they all have one thing in common. It's probably the one takeaway that you can use to succeed on YouTube!

Bonus #4: 20 Ways To Get More People Watching and Recommending Your YouTube Videos

20 Ways To Get More Views & Subscribers To Your Youtube Channel

Bonus #5: YouTube Income Streams

Creating videos for your YouTube channel is one thing, but creating multi-streams of income from YouTube is another thing altogether.

Within this 10-part video training course, you're going to learn how to tap into multiple streams of income from having a YouTube channel and profiting from your hard work from creating videos exponentially.

Bonus #6: YouTube Channel SEO

Announcing The Brand New, 8 Part, Step By Step Video Course That Shows You How To... Rank Your YouTube Channel and Generate Traffic To Your Products, Affiliate Products, and More Starting Today.

In this specific video training course, you will get to watch over my shoulder - step-by-step, click by click - and learn how to take your YouTube Channel to brand new heights.

Bonus #7: The Animation Playbook

"Attract New Customers and Prospects With Ease By Learning The Simple Steps to Creating Animated Videos"....In this "No Fluff" 21 Module Straight To The Point +1 Hour Course, You’ll Find Out How To Get The Most of Your Animated Video Creating Software

In this Video Course you'll discover:

  • Creating Your Script
  • Implementing Business Growth Engines
  • Narrating Your Audio
  • Editing Your Audio
  • Determining Keywords
  • Gathering Assets
  • Designing Scenes
  • Adding Music
  • Using Video Sources
  • Using Audio Sources
  • And Much, Much More

Bonus #8: YouTube Video Mastery

In this video course, you will learn how to make a Youtube video for free and without any filming and creating on your part...

Bonus #9: Food 1080 HD Stock Videos

Bonus #10: Rain & Snow 4K Stock Videos

Bonus #11: Cat & Dog 4K Stock Videos

Bonus #12: Lakes, Water, Ocean 4K Stock Videos

Bonus #13: Background 4K Stock Videos

Bonus #14: HD Video Motion Backgrounds

80 Full HD MP4 Video Backgrounds That Engage Your Audience, Get Your Message Seen, and Help You Stand Apart From the Billions of Videos on the Web!

Bonus #15: Fun 4K Stock Videos

Bonus #16: Aerial 4K Stock Videos

Bonus #17: Animal 4K Stock Videos

Bonus #18: Insects 4K Stock Videos

Bonus #19: Animation 4K Stock Videos

Bonus #20: Create Video with Camtasia 9

Create Proffesional Videos For Your Business On Any Occasion! Camtasia 9 makes video creation simple whether you want to record simple video, presentation style with a program like Google Sheets or Powerpoint....In this 42-module course you will find out how to use every aspect of Camtasia 9!

What you'll discover in this Video Course:

  • Purchase And Installation
  • Basic Screen Recording Controls and Capture Menu
  • Tools and Menu Options
  • Recorded Inputs
  • Tracking Your Progress
  • Timeline Elements
  • Using Markers
  • Quizzes and Surveys
  • Library Elements
  • Transitions
  • Animations
  • Cursor Effects
  • Audio Effects
  • Quizzing and Surveys Expanded
  • Project Settings
  • Connecting Your Mobile Device
  • Batch Production
  • Custom Production Settings
  • Screen Capture
  • Recording PowerPoint
  • Annotations
  • Behaviors
  • Interactive Hotspots.....
  • And Much Much More

Bonus #21: Create Video with Camtasia 9 Advanced

These Videos Take You Step By Step Through The Tehnical Parts Of Putting Your Marketing Strategy in Place!

This Is a Practical Video Course With 15 Additional Video Tutorials Showing You How to Do What You Learned in The Course:

  • Interactive Hotspot
  • Interactive Hosting
  • Survey Creation
  • Screen Drawing
  • Picture In Picture Video
  • Optimal Set Up
  • Mic Set Up
  • Things to Do Before You Hit Record
  • Mp3's In Camtasia 9
  • Batch Recording and Batch Bundling
  • The Six By Six Rule
  • Eye Level Computing.....
  • and Much Much More

Bonus #22: Video Marketing Profit Kit

Bonus #23: Video Marketing Profit Kit Video Upgrade

Bonus #24: Local Client Magnet V1 YouTube Marketing

How To Use YouTube To Grow Your Customer Base, Trust And Presence In Your Market good info for online marketing too! + "Now You Can Get Instant Access To A Practical “Hands On” Video Course With 15 Additional Over the Shoulder Video Tutorials Showing You HOW to Do What You Learned In the Course"

Bonus #25: How To Profit From PLR Videos

This video course will teach you how to edit PLR videos and how can PLR videos grow your business...

Includes 6 videos with:

  • great tips for making money from PLR videos on
  • funnel ideas
  • tips for creating a membership site
  • and more!

Bonus #26: Rebranding PLR Videos

This step-by-step, 9-part video series takes you by the hand and shows you how to take your private label rights videos to the next profit level....

Bonus #27: 100 Video Transition Backgrounds

Nice PRO Looking Transition Backgrounds For Your Videos....

Are you looking for video that could be a transition backgrounds that are easy to use? Transition background that you could could use for your video edition? Then, download this one!

This tool provides 100 videos that are created thoroughly! This product assures you that the videos are easily to use as well as it has high definition so that your output will look like a professionally-made project.

Bonus #28: 50 Animated Video Backgrounds

Nice PRO Looking Animated Backgrounds For Your Videos....

Are you looking for an animated video backgrounds that are easy to use? Motion background that you will surely love? Then, download this one!

This tool provides 50 animated video background that are created magnificently! Some shapes are elegant abstract particle background. These animated videos will definitely of great use for your videos!

Bonus #29: Photo Tips Software

Bonus #30: Local Lead Scribe Vol 3

Convert Your Leads Using this Engaging Animated Whiteboard Videos!

Below are some of the local marketing videos for:

  • Business Security Consultants
  • Chiropractors
  • Electricians
  • Handyman
  • Plumbers
  • Mechanics

Bonus #31: Animated Backgrounds V 3

Bonus #32: Animated Backgrounds V4

Bonus #33: Smart Funnels Blueprint

Bonus #34: Crush It With YouTube

Learn How to Crush it With YouTube. Leave Your Competitors in The Dust and Learn to Crush it With YouTube.

Bonus #35: YouTube Outro Clips

Bonus #36: YouTube Cash

Bonus #37: YouTube Cashflow Blueprint

Learn How to Crush it With YouTube. Leave Your Competitors in The Dust and Learn to Crush it With YouTube.

Bonus #38: Modern Vlogging

It’s About Time For You To Learn Modern Vlogging! YouTube and Facebook introduced the live streaming video, simply because it is what people want. Some of the most successful channels on YouTube are vlogs. Once you start to get a following for your vlog the word will spread quickly and you will get a lot more subscribers.

Bonus #39: Modern Vlogging Upgrade Package

Creating A Successful Video Blog For Profit! No stones are left unturned when you get your hands on this now. You will become a complete expert on this, and you’ll get everything you need inside to do the same.

Vlogging is becoming increasingly more popular and there has never been a better time to start a vlog. People really enjoy watching high-quality vlogs and some vloggers have subscribers in the millions.

Bonus #40: Trending Keywords WP

Find The Most Popular Keywords That People Are Actually Searching For From ALL SIX Of the World's BIGGEST Search Engines! Search engines such as google LOVE content, especially new, updated, and trending content. Create content that people are actively searching for and Google will send you the love in terms of traffic and rankings!

Bonus #41: SEO Ranking Research Tools

Bonus #42: Massive Site Builder Package

Instantly Build MASSIVE Websites From Your Articles (PLR Articles etc) In 5 Min Or Less. Massive Site Builder is a Windows software that allows anyone to create BIG websites (with 10’s or 100’s of pages) with just a few clicks.

Yes, Just Pick Some Articles from Your PC, enter the URL of an Offer that you want to promote (your product or an affiliate product – ClickBank, JVZoo, WarriorPlus, CPA, etc), and You’re Ready to Go.

Bonus #43: Lead Generation And Webinars

Bonus #44: Online Income Formula

Whether you're looking to make some fast cash, or you're after long-term, more sustainable income-producing results, there are certainly ways you can make money online today. The truth is that making money online isn't as difficult as most make it out to seem. It does require some discipline. Sure. Without discipline, you'll find it tough to make a buck both online or offline.

Bonus #45: Passive Income Domination

Earning passive income is the dream of most Internet Marketers. There is nothing more satisfying than waking up in the morning to find that you have earned money while you were asleep! If you are unable to work for some reason, then your passive income streams will keep providing you with cash.

Passive income is a true Internet lifestyle. You can be anywhere in the world, and all you need is a laptop or other device and a connection to the Internet. There are many different passive income models as you will discover in this package.

Bonus #46: Email List Building Gold

Bonus #47: Affiliate Marketing Profit Kit Video Training

Bonus #48: 100K Google Adsense Blueprint Pack

Bonus #49: BlogBook Plugin

Having troubles creating and starting your own ebook? No today, because this WordPress plugin is the absolute fastest way to turn any WordPress blog into a beautiful resellable ebook. Instantly create an ebook from any WordPress blog in minutes.

Bonus #50: Instant Traffic For Pennies With Bing Ads

Bonus #51: Advanced Traffic Blueprint

Bonus #52: Music Loops Pack 1

Bonus #53: Music Loops Pack 2

Bonus #54: Music Loops Pack 3

Bonus #55: Music Loops Pack 4

Bonus #56: Mega PLR Music Tracks Volume 1

This is a set of 193 audio tracks and is volume 1 of 2 from the Mega PLR Music Tracks collection.

Bonus #57: Mega PLR Music Tracks Volume 2

This is a set of 200 audio tracks and is volume 2 of 2 from the Mega PLR Music Tracks collection.


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