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Exclusive Bonuses From Meetvio Evolution Team

Bonus #1: 5 DFY Followup Swipes

These email swipes can be used to offer your services. Get potential clients fast and easy with these professionally written templates. Valued at $97

Bonus #2: Pre-Registration Email Sequence

In this document, I have shared a SKELETON and COMPLETED examples of emails you can send to get more people on your webinars. And once you are done with the webinars, I share the emails you can use to get more people to watch the replay and buy your product or service.

The completed email shared is based on a particular offer, and may not work verbatim for you. Make sure to use this as an example in your business.

Bonus #3: Cloak URL

The new Cloak URL software creates search engine friendly cloaked pages for all of your affiliate links in just seconds! Now, with this easy-to-use software you can transform those long, ugly & embarrassingly annoying URLs into short, descriptive, search engine friendly links. Then sit back and watch your commissions go through the roof!

Bonus #4: Link Customizer Pro

The Link Customizer Pro Software allows you to customize all of your text links and image links and also generates button links for you. Each link can have a title tag, open in a current or new window & even display separate text messages in the status bar OnMouseOver & OnMouseOut.

Additionally, you can add text for ALT tags for all of your image links. Adding all of this additional information for each link looks good to the search engines and adds accessibility functionality to your site.

Bonus #5: Using Facebook Events To Engage Your Audience

This is a collection of Checklists and a Planner to help you use Facebook events to engage with your audience.

Exclusive Early Bird Bonuses

Bonus #1: Lead Generation And Webinars

Webinars have become the most powerful marketing channel for acquiring customers. And it doesn't necessarily have to be a live webinar either.

Webinar replays are just as powerful simply because they combine the elements of video and engagement, allowing you to showcase your products and services right in front of the eyes of your prospect. If done right, they can prove extremely useful and convert skeptical prospects into loyal customers.

 Bonus #2: Resell Rights To How To Use Webinars For Your Business

How To Use Webinars In Your Business, Generate More Sales And Build More Credibility & 12-Part Video Course Including Practical Examples....

With this video course you will learn how to:

  • create high quality webinars
  • prepare effectively for a webinar
  • sell products and high ticket offers through webinars
  • and much more!

 Bonus #3: WhiteLabel Rights To Webinar Authority

The Step-by-Step Guide on How to Prepare, Present, Host, and Execute a Successful Webinar!

In order to use a webinar to promote your business, you are going to need to know the secrets to a successful webinar. This book is your guide to putting on a successful webinar, including emphasis on the most important concepts. According to SlideShare, the elements that engage 70% of people the most are interesting content and a passionate speaker.

This book will help you become a passionate and engaging speaker, as well as develop your idea so that you can host the best webinar possible. In addition, we will be covering other concepts that are vital to webinars, such as the equipment that you will need, mastering Q&A’s, working with co-organizers and hiring staff and much more.

Below are the chapters that you are about to explore:

  • Chapter 1: The Tools of the Trade
  • Chapter 2: Choosing Your Topic
  • Chapter 3: Advertising & Promotion
  • Chapter 4: Preparing Your Presentation
  • Chapter 5: Managing Questions
  • Chapter 6: How to be the Best Presenter Possible
  • Chapter 7: Co-Organizers, Webinar Partners & Staff
  • Chapter 8: Monetizing Your Webinar
  • Chapter 9: Getting People to Come Back
  • Chapter 10: Creating a Business from Archived Webinars

 Bonus #4: Resell Rights To Webinar Jackpot Video Course

This is a nine-part video course on how to deliver your webinar with the highest conversions..... 

You will learn a lot about how to set things up, how to set up your autoresponder, how to write your email autoresponder series and more! The goal is by the end of these video course, you will have your own email series written 100% all the way from start to finish. 

Some of the topics covered:

  • Delivery Platforms 
  • Email Course Formula
  • Email Swipe Benefit Angels
  • How to create a webinar page
  • Setting up your follow-up series with GetReponse
  • And much more!

  Bonus #5: Resell Rights To WP Youtube Leads Plugin 

With this plugin, you can enhance the user engagement of your Youtube videos and increase your mailing list....

Integrate any YouTube video and start converting right away. Use the time-stamps with the video to maximize interest and action.

With this plugin you can:

  • Create custom headlines and fill out the content the way you want
  • Customize the color and design to perfect the pesentation
  • Discover New Leads
  • Use Time-Stamps
  • Use professional typography to express your message to visitors
  • And much more!

Bonus #6: Running Webinars

 How To Run A Successful Webinar is a 35 page, +6000 word report. This report teaches why an intimate understanding of your audience is essential to success, the specific tools you need to host webinars, as well as how to use a landing page to build your audience.

It also covers tips you need to know for delivering your sales pitch, as well as effective follow-up procedures that engage your audience and lead to sales long after the webinar is over.

Bonus #7: WhiteLabel Rights To Instagram Marketing Secrets

Instagram is one of the most important platforms when it comes to branding and reaching a wide audience. It has over 1 billion active users, and is considered a ‘trendy’ and youthful platform for by the majority of marketers.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • How to sell the ‘value proposition’ of your business – that means understanding how an image can tell a thousand words and make people mad for your products and services
  • How to create an Instagram strategy for a non ‘visual’ business product or service
  • How to make an Instagram account grow 10x as rapidly using simple and easy tricks 
  • How to convert your loyal followers and most popular posts into sales
  • How to grow a successful Instagram account without posting a single photo!
  • How to use Instagram advertising
  • How to use advanced features – set up a business account, get verified, use shopping on Instagram 
  • And for those that want it: how to create a personal brand and become an Instagram celebrity! Get paid to wear nice clothes!
  • And much more!

Bonuses From John Zakaria

Bonus #1: Webinar Mastery

Bonus #2: Webinar Mastery Upgrade Package

How To Make Money With Webinars. No stones are left unturned when you get your hands on this now. You will become a complete expert on this, and you’ll get everything you need inside to do the same.

Bonus #3: Customer CIA

There are normal customers who might buy your product and there are what we call hyper-responsive buyers who really want to find you and buy your product. Can I ask which one of these buyers do you want to attract?

Well, let me tell you a secret. This is why gather the right intelligence about your perfect buyer is crucial before you begin to market your products or services.

Now that I have your attention, how can you go about creating a buyer profile? And beyond that how do you know where to find these people? And how to write your sales copy so that it appeals to them?

Bonus #4: Webinar Template

Bonus #5: Business Webinar Strategies

Bonus #6: Winning Webinars

Bonus #7: Responsive Webinar Follow-Ups

Bonus #8: Surefire Webinar Commissions

Bonus #9: Surefire Webinar Conversions

Bonus #10: Webinar Selling Template Guide

Bonus #11: Webinar Tips Blog

Bonus #12: Secret Webinar Riches

Bonus #13: The Beginners Guide To Webinar

Bonus #14: E-Coaching Success

Bonus #15: 15 Minutes Traffic Siphon

Bonus #16: Fast Traffic Secrets

Bonus #17: Fast Traffic Secrets 2.0

Bonus #18: Instant Traffic Strategies

Bonus #19: Successful Webinar Tips

Bonus #20: Targeted Traffic Mastery

Bonus #21: Traffic Explosion

Bonus #22: Ninja Traffic

Bonus #23: Traffic Extreme

Bonus #24: Affiliate Fireworks

Bonus #25: Webinar Fever

Bonus #26: Commission Accelerator

Bonus #27: Affiliate Marketing Excellence

Bonus #28: Affiliate Marketing Excellence - Advanced Edition

Bonus #29: Affiliate Marketing And Success Systems

Bonus #30: Affiliate Startup Mechanic

Bonus #31: Cash Cow Ebook

Bonus #32: WP Easy Marketer Plugin

Bonus #33: Operation Affiliate Cash

Bonus #34: Affiliate Lighting Riches Kit

Bonus #35: Email Marketing Mogul

Bonus #36: Affiliate Marketing Basic Videos

Bonus #37: WP Shortcode CTA Plugin

Bonus #38: Niche Finder Blueprint

Bonus #39: 24 WSO Products

Bonus #40: Split Testing 101

Bonus #41: Black Belt Product Creation

Bonus #42: Awesome Autoresponder Gold Mine

Bonus #43: Marketing Graphics Toolkit V1

Bonus #44: Marketing Graphics Toolkit V2

Bonus #45: Marketing Graphics Toolkit V3

Bonus #46: Marketing Graphics Toolkit V4

Bonus #47: GFX Apocalypse

Bonus #48: WP History Plugin

Bonus #49: Lakes, Water, Ocean 4K Stock Videos

Bonus #50: Snow & Rain 4K Stock Videos

Bonus #51: Insects 4K Stock Videos

Bonus #52: Food 4K Stock Videos

Bonus #53: Nature, Various & Urban Stock Images

Bonus #54: Effortless Landing Pages

Bonus #55: WP List Build

Bonus #56: Slide Optins

Bonus #57: Optin Buzz Software

Bonus #58: Question Optin Plugin

Bonus #59: Video Analytics

Bonus #60: Graphics Mystic Toolkit V2

Bonus #61: Internet Marketing In An Hour A Day

Bonus #62: FB Remarketing 2.0 Made Easy

Bonus #63: The Customer Magnet

Bonus #64: Video Marketing Graphics Pack

Bonus #65: Instant Graphic Toolkits

Bonus #66: Graphics Treasure Chest V2

Bonus #67: Email Marketing Made Easy

Bonus #68: Explode Your List Building Using Webinars!

Bonus #69: Digital Graphics Firesale

Bonus #70: Graphics Treasure Chest V3

Bonus #71: Ultimate Stock Photos Package

Part 1 - Total Photos: 2040 Photo

Resolution: 1920 x 1280 To 4419 x 2946

Bonus #72: Ultimate Stock Photos Package

Part 2 - Total Photos: 1717 Photo

Resolution: 1920 x 1280 To 4419 x 2946


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